Welcome to the website of the Asia Oceania Service Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

 Next AOSM:  July 10 & 11, 2021

 Virtual platform – details to be advised. Contact AOSM secretary for updates.


The Asia Oceania Service Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous provides a forum for delegates to share the experience of the countries they represent. The Primary purpose of the AOSM is to carry the message of AA to alcoholics who still suffer.

It can also present an expression of the Group Conscience throughout the region and provide a link to the World Service Meeting for countries unable to be represented there.

The AOSM has no authority over any AA service or group. The only policy decisions made by the AOSM are those which affect the AOSM itself.

The AOSM meets once every two years in a city within the Asia-Oceania zone.

Country structures

Experience has shown that AA’s message is carried most effectively in countries that have a sound service structure. In line with our Fourth Tradition, every AA group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole.

The AOSM encourages its members to build sound structures suited to the needs of their individual countries and the expansion of AA services.

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The AOSM meets for two or three days every second year. There is not a great deal that can be done in those few days so it is vital that the work of the AOSM is carried on between meetings.

At the AOSM itself, the delegates can evaluate what has been achieved in the two years since the last meeting. They then plan what to do for the next two years and carry out the work until it can be evaluated at the next AOSM.